Prophetic Word For Today!

The Spirit of the Lord says all things are made new. There is a fresh season upon you. Yokes that were cast on you are broken off of you this day and released. A time of struggle and burden raised up against you has been used to refine and refresh you. It is done. Take hold that My Word stands strong. All things that were done away with have been renewed through Me…in the washing of the water of the Word. See to it that no man lead you astray from the charge I have placed upon you. Those I have given you are not of the enemy. Let it rain at last and wash away all the workings of the deceiver of the brethren. 

The desires of your heart have been made known. It is I who is the author and finisher of your faith. Go now and do not depart from the blessings I bestow. Take hold of the renewance given you. I have heard your prayer and created a new thing. All the old has past away. May you never be deceived in the workings of the enemy regarding these matters. Life given to dry and dead bones. A new spirit and a new heart put in you…with the old stony heart taken away. I have healed you of your past restraints and past constraints. All that has been set up against you is used for your good. Now is the time to take hold of where you lacked. You have been delivered this very night of all things holding you back from fulfilling your future. I have pulled you out of the pit…you are not going back into that pit. Now go back to that which you were called to be, and be steadfast and do not waiver. Be like the trees of Gibraltar and take your roots deep to My living water…bend with the wind, never breaking. Do not give up when times get rough. The enemy continues to roam, seeking whom he may devour. Whatever commitments and covenants and deep connections are made will be tested and afflicted at times. Stand strong with I as your fortress and song. I am your standard and your shield. There is healing in My wings. I call out to you today that all curses spells and evil soul ties are relinquished today. Not only gone, but never to be remembered. The time of puppetry and deception are gone in the affairs of your heart. All things that have been set up against you are deceased. All levels of manipulation have been corrected. Stay vigilant for the enemy continues in his quest…but today the old has past away. You are a new creation in Christ; Messiah Yeshua. I give you renewed authority. Go now to those you have faultered and sing a new song. Sing Hallelujah the angels are rejoicing! Whatever you have been praying for is coming to pass. I place My favor on you. You are My beautiful child and there is no lack. Your love and worship and sacrifice have gone up to me as a sweet aroma. I am in love with you; My bride. The gifts I bestowed are shined up and new. 

Rejoice in Me my child. I look upon you in love, not the distaste as you have known in your lack. You are filled with My Spirit. You are the Righteousness of Me in Christ. No longer a dirty rag…but a cleaned sparkling white linen. Do not live in condemnation, but instead in My righteousness. Do not beat yourself up…that is what Satan would have you to do. And do not beat up your loved ones…Satan hates family and peace. He comes as an angel of light, and he resides at times in the hearts of man. Rebuke him, not your “fam”. 

Hallelujah…you’ve called upon Me and I’ve heard. Today is a day to rejoice and be glad.

My love endures forever. Do not forget my child, when times get rough to call on My name. Bring my attention to anything thwarting the plans and purposes and gifts and souls I’ve bestowed you. Do not waiver in your position. Bring Me your situation and I will rectify it…don’t hide it. I know the very corners of your heart, but you have to start. 

If there is one last thing to share on this wonderful day, it is to take a deep breath in…remembering it is My Spirit that flows through you. As you bask in My words and grace, remember it is you that are Mine. Stay with Me and all is good. You have been freed from the curse of the law. But stay with Me. Everyday renew your mind in Me and My Word and My Spirit. As everyday presents it’s own troubles. Every day the enemy sets out to steal, kill, and destroy. But I have come that you may have life and that life more abundantly. 

My child…everything that burdens you or troubles you, you must bring before Me! The moment trial comes, the moment things are astray, the moment there is confusion and frustration and aggravation, the moment you are depressed or angry, the moment you have been “side swiped”, the moment you’re scared, the moment you doubt…you must bring it before Me. You must call on My name. You must not allow the enemy to steal your joy! Praise My name at all times. 

Reaching out to Me in thanksgiving is the key to victory. The battle is not yours! It is Mine! 

Do not be deceived into thinking it is always you that has missed the mark. There will be troubles and deceptions to cause you doubt, manipulation to discredit you…but I have come to eradicate lies. Give it all to Me! I already gave you victory! 

I am with you. My Spirit is guiding you into all truth. 

Liberation is now. Take hold and embrace your reconciliation.


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