Inauguration 2017… Anti-Trump Meaning

~Inauguration 2017~

What catches my attention with some of the anti-Trump posts yesterday and today on social media is what these posts/comments translate to, in relation to the faith we have put into the system, the empire, and the government. 

My following synopsis, on the matter I have presented, is not in relation to my political affiliation…but in my honoring authority placed before me. 

If you are protesting Donald Trump as President, if you have boycotted the inauguration, in whatever capacity…you have piqued my persuasion. 
Saying you are not going to watch the ceremony, saying you’re already hoping for impeachment, saying he is not your President, etc….whilst showing, most especially declaring, your loyalty and love for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, causes a conflict. 

In so doing, you are inadvertently proclaiming your faith in the government that Clinton and Obama utilize. You are showing you have a faith that has developed in two isolated people who are entrenched and dependent upon a system, a government, an empire; never mind our envelopment in Global Government. 

So if you feel that Trump is worst, and this inauguration is bunk and a disgrace, compared to what was Obama’s or what could have been Hilary’s, then you are showing the issue is personal and not United States Governmental, nor Global Governmental. 

If this is the case, then you are unpatriotic, as that Government is the one who is ushering in this new Presidency. So you pick and choose something that ultimately is not your choice in the first place. 

I’m not going to mix religion with politics, as many have. I’m concerned with the brainwashing that has occurred…only serving to continue the successful strategic division amongst the people. 

Both Christian and non-Christians are being deceived. With that said…this is our Government, no matter the Puppet in place. The flag has been disgraced many times as of late…not, I repeat, not of the fault of Trump. Your blaming Trump unfortunately shows you are buying into the scapegoat. 

I have a loyalty to my fellow countrymen. That loyalty is being an American. People that give of their lives, those that serve and protect, come first in “my book”. 

Most of us that are upset are in fact upset because we have become dependent upon the system we are reliant on and have been baptized into. 

Making this into a religious matter is ridiculous. The fact that Trump has some religious association, an association that began since the beginning of the country, is a right of the people…it’s called religious freedom. You know, the rights you want for your own cause. 

I have never seen such hypocrisy in all my years except for in these recent times. We claim inclusion and empathy at the exclusion of Christians, and Christian thought, of course. 

Something not talked about, is I believe there is an agenda being fulfilled as we speak, of a growing hatred and distaste for all of those that believe in the God of the Bible. I believe this Presidency serves to fulfill this hatred. There is not one thing we can do about this…it is just sad, and Biblical; prophetically. 

All we can do, as Christians and Jews, is pray for the will of God. 

As non-Christians, pray that we are not deceived by the strategies and agendas in place. 

I will respect who my President is, because that is the King of the land. I will abide by those in authority in the capacity I need and am required to. I will honor all those in the military and those that work behind the scenes for the luxuries I use daily. I will be grateful for all I have that others don’t. I will stop complaining and instead actively take part in being the change I want to see. I will continue to direct my ultimate loyalty to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (Yeshua HaMashiach). 

I know who is sovereign, do you? The moment we start worshipping the creation instead of the Creator, we are putting ourselves in a place to be deceived by those who hold power. 

Our Savior is not Donald Trump…nor is it Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. 

Many of us have fallen into the hands of fear, instead of the hands of God. That is the ultimate dividing line. The division has begun…it will continue. 

As for me and my house, Trump is not that dividing line. Yet I see this transfer of power is dividing the country. Do I expect non-Christians to change their mind? No. Do I expect a unity to come of this? No. Whether or not good comes from this Presidency, division will remain. It is just sad to watch and be part of. 

I must rest my mind and Spirit in my Lord. 

WWJD? He would love and respect the law of the land, all whilst knowing who His Father is. He would full well understand the deception ruling this world. He would know the principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in high places. He wouldn’t put any trust in man. Period. 

I love you no matter what side of the line you have decided on or fallen into. That love however doesn’t change the truth.


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