Vlog- Seeking God For Direction- During/After Election 2016!

~Serious Stuff Here~

Given the Presidential Election of 2016, taking place tomorrow….Some of us, on behalf of all of us, have Fasted, Prayed, and Worshipped the Lord God today; November 7th 2016. 

I intended on hearing from the Lord for all of us, so I decided to record my prayer time (audio only).

During my time of prayer, the Lord gave a word to share with the body of Christ; with humanity in general. This is not for the faint of heart, this is serious direction. There is no room for dabbling, legalism, or putting God in a box. As well, I forewarn you that I prayed in Tongues. 

The Lord rebuked, was forthright and bold, gave insight, gave comfort, revealed the workings of our times, and blessed us with a blessing.

Gain power, love, and courage with what the Lord has shared today. Let us go forth knowing that he goes before us and will never leave us nor forsake us.

He will work this “mess” out!…No matter who is in office! 


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