Death Threats Over Yoga Pants? What’s Happening In Our Booty Shorts World? 

This “Yoga Pants Atrocity” in the midst of growing world crisis…catastrophic events, intense political decisions and the ramifications of such, hunger, injustice, homelessness, addictions, sex trafficking, injustices done to our land and resources as well as towards humans in the name of greed/hoarding/power/money, be-headings as well as literal torture on Christians, innocent Muslim victims of war in Aleppo, sovereignty of Corporations, and Global Governance…is a disgrace. 

What exemplifies more our human condition than a “Yoga Pants Parade”, at a time when the state of affairs is volatile? That answer would be the additional death threats made to the insensitive man who employed the institution of free speech. 

Let us begin with the who, what, how, why, when. Recently, a man named Alan, decided to share his opinion and musings to his local “Letter to the Editor”. Clearly unaware, whether temporarily or not, of how women may take his content, he proceeds to share his thoughts on yoga pants. He makes a big mistake in critiquing the figure flaws and age of appropriateness in regards to whether one should wear yoga pants or not. Case closed, done. 

Not so much. 

This just happening recently, in Southern Rhode Island, has led me to read a few articles. I saw enough to be ashamed and perturbed with the direction we woman are taking in order to gain respect, secure our rights, as well as to achieve empowerment and justice. Hundreds of woman, many of whom may even have purchased new yoga pants for the event, paraded by the mans home on Sunday October 23rd 2016; aka physically and mentally bullying this 63 year old man and his partner. As well, several death threats were made. 

Before I get into the issue I take with this display of protest against his words, may I add my thoughts on yoga pants? Do you have young girls at home? Perhaps 9 years old to about 18? Well Alan thinks they look good in these Yoga Pants. He was not being pedophile like in his expression, he simply was opposing it to how woman over 20 don’t look as good in this article of clothing; especially those over 40 or overweight. 

Well, I’m sure overall, he in fact is correct, in some regards. Despite this, his ponderings and expressings are all only about if something looks good. My question is…do you allow your little girls to wear super short shorts? Do you allow them to wear leggings with only a waist low shirt? If the answer is yes, then perhaps you may begin to be annoyed with me if you read on. 

You see, not in all senses are my thoughts here about right/wrong. Many of us do not want to be told what to do. We certainly do not want men, the male gender, telling us what to do or how we should operate. Yet, have we considered that we are setting the standard by how we do things; what we allow and take part in? Do we not see that men are often motivated and wired to react to our sexuality? Are we capable of understanding and accepting that we are sexual beings?

We as woman want sexual liberation. More so, we want it on our terms. 

Here is an example…I wrote this in regards to the likes of Mikey Cyrus, Madonna, and even Beyoncé. A friend had posted an article in which Madonna was quoted as saying she would give oral sex to those who vote for Hillary Clinton. My friend posted in sarcasm that their was no objectification of woman going on here. This comes on the heels of Trumps past vulgarity being made known. 

Here was my response. 

[Let it be made known…because I know you the reader are intelligent, discerning, and have a passion for justice…that I am sharing this to produce a cohesive whole “argument”. You be the detective, the investigator, in order to see how all these pieces fit together.]


“This might tic some people off…but I’m a woman with life experience and I can say what I want! 

Because apparently as long as the/a woman chooses to expose herself, chooses to “disrespect” herself, decides to overtly and grotesquely flaunt herself, decides to take part in “dysfunctional” sexual lewd behavior and talk, chooses to be promiscuous, chooses to use her body for power and money…then she is an empowered woman and no man or woman can say anything bad about her. She is a role model for self expression and the advocate of sexual freedom.

But, the moment a man bites the line that she has cast, he is at risk for being a misogynistic pig. 

Let us remember, she is a strong independent woman that doesn’t need a man. 

God help us all. We woman are very responsible for the degradation of the female gender, and of men. Woman are very powerful and influential and we set the bar by what we allow and accept and do; individually and collectively. 

Firstly responsible for the disease is the temptation and influence of media and corporation…which ultimately is of evil. 

Question is…why are we giving in to evil? I think because evil has become subjective and most don’t believe that darkness exists. After all, we wouldn’t want to be held back or told what to do. Sarcasm implied. 

Disclaimer…I’m not suggesting any woman deserves abuse, rape, stalking, bullying, etc..”


Let me be clear. I know that Alans editorial is about style and whether these style of pants look good on a woman older than 20 (for the record, age should be of no matter!) However, I see right through this garbage to the bigger issue of Yoga Pants. I can see the outline, the curves, the very essence of woman’s/teens/girls ass. Period. Second skin you may as well say. Sure you have the right to wear them, and they are the new fad, but do we know what we’re doing?

As example, my daughter is now 11. The past few years, even for myself included, I have noticed it to be increasingly difficult to find modest shorts for her. Whether dress, casual, jean, gym, or athletic, they are being sold at slutty level lengths. I’m sorry, but it’s true! That saying, “I’m sorry, call me old fashioned, but I think shorts should be longer than your vagina” is not only poignant, but timely. There’s practically nothing else to purchase!! Why??

Who owns the market? Who are designing these clothes? What are magazines and media, dictating through availability, saying that we should wear? Are we not an overly sexualized society in the first place? Dysfunctional at that. 

Nowadays breastfeeding is known as disgusting whilst woman walk around with cleavage and bust popping out of their seductive shirts. I’ve seen 19 year old girls wearing shorts that their ass cheeks are literally hanging out…even in cool night air. Are we not swayed in our fashion choices by what’s made available? 

Back to my daughter, she too wants these Yoga Pants…usually known also as leggings. Maybe even jeggings. I require her to where shirts that go past her derrière. Though half the time they are shirts that are streamline and lay against her bum…only slightly more conceiling. 

Why care? Hmm….how many of us woman find our own selves drawn to staring at another’s woman’s backside when seeing another woman wearing these “revealing” clothes. Both I and my daughter, as well as friends and male friends, all attest to this. Heads are being turned! Some woman enjoy the attention, some want the attention, some do not realize they’re getting this attention, and some are in denial. 

Where has our modesty gone? Leaving some to the imagination? Mystery? Self-worth?…living and carrying ourselves in such a way that sexual prowess does not define us. We have adopted a “do as thou wilt” attitude…which is actually a luciferian philosophy; found in the Book of the Law of Satanism. Do what you want, how you feel, that’s liberation. Is it?!

How are we wired? Male and female? My daughter of 11 years walks out of a gas station with a pumpkin muffin and chocolate milk. A 40 year old, not well groomed male, holds the door open for her and proceeds to check out her ass as she walks out the door. Lovely. 

Not all men are pigs. I have spoken to some very respectful men on the subject and they are not happy with the way we are dressing. They are trying to be family men, devoted to their wives, and yet are bombarded with scantily clad woman all day. Some are successful at ignoring it, yet some who are recovering from a promiscuous past, or pornography, or sexual abuse, struggle a bit more to ignore. 

Then of course there are men that embrace this culture of “do as thou wilt”, therefore buying into “sexual liberation”. They are taking part in objectifying women, whether inadvertent or not, and enjoying all the peeks in the meantime. 

Do we think by numbing ourselves, and our men, through exposure that we can change human nature? Can we change lust and desire? Can we be so “in your face” with our nudity that men will just see our souls and spirits? Or are we willing to see that there is a destructive machine at work that only causes us to accept more and more sexual blatancy. Offering a blow job if you elect someone? Is that making progress as a female? 

This is all food for thought. You live your life how you see fit. I just think these ideas need to be made known as opposed to blindly being led by a machine of darkness. 

Now back to the Yoga Pants Parade! The issue with this display of protest against Alans words. He clearly was out of line, offensive, inconsiderate, and insensitive. However, he has a right to free speech. I, as a 40 year old woman, read the article and nothing surprised me. I myself have experienced actual discrimination in regards to looks. I have witnessed how I am treated better when I am in better shape and have a nice care compared to the contrast. I have early memories of science class in 8th grade…minding my business walking into class to sit down at my desk and a male student says in slightly raised volume “Hey fat f#ck!”. [Therefore, I am not trying to be insensitive toward whatever process these parading woman felt they needed to do.] I have allowed God to restore my self-esteem. I took Alans words with a grain of salt and didn’t allow it to fester. Am I saying I’m better than you?…no. 

What I am saying is, there are so many weighter issues going on in the world, than to pay this individual any heed. I think a rebuttal editorial would have been sufficient. Certainly repaying him with bullying is not accomplishing much in the long term. Do we feel better because we are ruining his life?

All the hurt we have experienced as a women, all the ways we have been made to feel less than, all the years we have been told that we weren’t good enough, all the years we have thought we were fat because we couldn’t fit into a particular style of clothing, thought we were ugly because we didn’t look like the air brushed models in magazines, all the times we were treated like a sexual object and not a mind to be reckoned with, felt like meat instead of a heart, treated like a ditz, never appreciated….do we feel better by reacting to one man? He was rude…and he is a product of the culture we created and subscribed to. Does he deserve death?! God help us!

We as woman are responsible for so much?! Why? Because we are that amazing and powerful. We have a huge responsibility….to be leaders, spiritual leaders of our homes and communities. We are a gender of wisdom. A design of God to bring life into the world. A nurturer. We are creative beings. We are not supposed to be followers of man. What does that mean? Are we buying into fads and into the culture we actually despise? 

I suppose if one really felt the need to protest with Yoga Pants on…then I would have envisioned all these woman…hundreds of them…cooking food…parading with their yoga pants on while finding homeless and hungry to feed. Feed those in need with their old yoga pants on. As opposed to giving their energy to a man that is only one of billions that are part of the system we have accepted. 

In the old days liberation was considered to be burning our bras. Maybe it should be to burn our vagina short shorts, and our yoga pants.

Though yoga pants are great for running and stretching and exercising. So maybe not burn those…but…What about a shirt that covers that beautiful ass God gave you, for your husband?

I’m not suggesting we need to start living as “Little House On The Prairie”. Nor that we need to start wearing pants and a dress to the beach. I share this so we will start becoming cognizant of the issues, start making healthy choices, start being appropriate as to the where and when that we wear something, stop taking offense, start teaching our daughters and our sons how to respect themselves and the opposite sex. 

The problem is not giving into this one man…it is that we’ve all given in to the dark machine that chooses to exploit us…and like a wolf in sheeps clothing, labels it as liberation and freedom. 

A prayer to end with-


God, I ask your Holy Spirit to be with us now…giving us discernment, wisdom, and revelation in this area. Expose the deception and manipulation that has caused us to become lost and numb. Give us woman the strength we need to overcome the challenges we are up against in this life. Show us how to be excellent role models for all the little girls and boys in the world and in our care. Teach us how to be women that show men what being a real woman is! Help us to love ourselves for who we are….we are spirits Lord. Spirits who have a souls who live in a body. Help us to value ourselves in that order. Any of us that have been hurt and objectified, or were only loved for how we looked or what we could do, any of us that only got attention sexually, any of us that we’re used, any of us that have destructed ourselves through addictions/food/alcohol/drugs/self-mutilation….heal us right now in Jesus/Yeshua’s Name! 

As we come to you we are fully forgiven and all things are made new! Our identity is no longer given to us by men, by this world, by corporations, by lust, or by media! You God Almighty, give us our identity! We are fearfully and wonderfully made! Evil must leave as we call on your name Jesus/Yeshua. You will be our vindicator…you are a God of Justice. We can give you our pain and abuse (physical, verbal, mental, and sexual) and you will bring vengeance. The battle is not ours…the battle is Yours (The Lords).

I thank you that you have your eye on each and every one of us. You love us not for how we look and not because of our sexual nature…you love us unconditionally. Heal us Lord. Fully restore us so we can live beyond these issues. 

Thank you God.

In Yeshua’s Name…Amem!


P.S. Google Yoga Pants under Images and you’ll see exactly what guys think when it comes to Yoga Pants. 

Never mind that I failed to mention a male acquaintance had posted last week on Facebook, asking other guy friends what they thought of yoga pants, and the responses were all of a sexual nature as to why they loved yoga pants. 

For reference-

Here is the first article I read.

Here is article with Alans whole editorial.,27761


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