Powerful Insights For This Feast Of Tabernacles (Sukkot)! The Body…Rededication.

Christians are not the only part of the Church. What is the Church anyways?

What fully comprises His Body?

What does the Bible say the Feast of Tabernacles is?

Rededicate your temple on this Feast of Tabernacles!

View this video for the answers to these queries and insights into what Sukkot means to us!

Side note-

As mentioned in my video…Check out pictures I took of the full moon on Erev Sukkot!…(October 16th 2016 in the morning) on my Facebook Page. I’ll also share amazing sun photos I took on Erev Yom Kippur (the sunset into Yom Kippur). 

I’ll post pictures to the link below on Tishri 15th (10/17/16).

God Bless you! 

For He is good, for His Mercy endures forever! 

2 Chron 5:13


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