Is This Really One Against The Other?

Is this really one against the other? I entitled this video, “Hate, Elections, Deception”, because that is exactly what we are dealing with. 

We are hating each other through this whole electoral process. However, the deception that is plaguing us maintains this hate and precedes this election. 

What is truly going on that is destroying all the progress we have made as a people?…as a human race, as a people of a nation, as an earth community? 

We have succumbed to name calling, judgments, opposing views, political leanings, frustrations, fears, reaction, negativity, blaming, and desperation.

We have validity in our concerns, but the question remains…do we truly know where to direct our anger? How do we take action?

Is this really about Republican vs. Democrat? About Mrs. Clinton vs. Mr. Trump? 

There is no doubt that there is evil lurking and morality issues running amuck. Though, why are we comparing the apples of Mr. Trumps “misogyny & vulgarity” to the oranges of Mrs. Clintons “cruelty & beguiling”? 

Those without sin cast the first stone. 

Ones view of morality is undeniably different than another’s view of the same. 

I have not made this 11 minute video to veer someone in one direction or the other. I am simply asking…is this issue, our issues, our anger, our hurt, our fears, our opinions, really about one vs. the other? Or, is there something greater at work here? Something that is causing division and civil unrest? Is there an agenda? What can we do about it?


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