A word from The Lord…in this Spring Season. 

A word for all…from Adonai, during this Spring Passover season of 2016. 

I AM the Passover Lamb, whom takes away the sins of the world. I have Passed you Over from death into Life. Without Me there is no way. It is not some form of control or ego by which this plan is made available to you. This is the very means, being freely offered to you, in order to defeat death. 

We here in the Heavenlies see you fight and divide over whether I and your Father are real. Yet no matter how much you exacerbate your mind, how much you twist and turn your philosophies, no matter how much you hate there being one way…so it is. Here o Israel, the Lord is One! 

We do not change, the world evolves, We do not. 

I AM your Passover Lamb, where I make every darkened spot of your life white as snow. I’ve cursed eternal damnation and given you eternal Salvation. It is your enemy lucifer who has tantalized you with so much else and deceived you in all things, that now you hate the Lord your God, the One who feeds you.

We do not take offense as you may imagine, as people do. We are however, jealous for your love, more than that, We love you as a parent loves their child. We do not want to see you go to your destruction, yet many of you do. 

There is more to life than meets your eye. What you see is not what you get. Your people are very stiff-necked and stubborn. These are the days of Noah…days of self glorification and seeking for something other than your Creator. Times of ego, self reliance. Have you forgotten that the enemy roams about and seeks whom he may devour? There is no escaping him without My Blood. 

Why Blood? Many of you find this usage of blood trivial and asinine, and yet you watch things on the airwaves that perpetuate lies and mock Gods ways. Life is in the blood. You either partake of My Blood or that of the fallen angels. These are the two paths…one is a narrow gateway, the other is broad and wide and leads to destruction. 

I will leave you be at the moment, but I will never leave you nor forsake you. At the end of your day it is your choice, your free will that was given you. We want more for you, We want you to live and live fully. However, as your saying goes you can only bring a horse to water, you can not make him drink. The irony is, you think We force you to drink. We will never push your head into the Living Water that refreshes, restores, enlivens, redeems, cleanses, resurrects, blesses, and sanctifies. Yet, the enemy will shove your face in his murky blood infested waters of hate, despair, death, pleasure, immorality, desecration and lies. 

I will continue to intercede for you. The Holy Spirit is readily available to you as you come to Us. I can’t help you from Earth, I help you from the Throne. My time on earth was to set things straight with Satan. When I come again it will be to make things straight, once and for all. While you await that day, which will come swift so as to surprise the enemy, guard your heart and mind. This is no joke…every tactic and device of the enemy is employed. Your world will grow worse but do not lose heart! I am not of the world! 

We are as a song in the Heavenlies, caressing the ears of humanity. We are as a butterfly is to your cheek, if one of many colors brushes by. We are as the morning dew in a parched land. We are as the Eagles that soar above the land. We are as the sweet grasses and evergreens that perfume the air you breathe. We are as the green trees that bring life into your lungs. We are as a mothers love that one suckles from, warm and tender with sweetness untold. We are as the waters of a river that provide for your thirst, quenching and cleansing every inch of your being. We are as the fruits of your labor that multiply and can be plucked and eaten and tasted in ecstasy. We are as the stars that shine forth, giving you light and direction and a beauty to behold. We are as the mountains, strong and vast and wonderful to catch a glimpse. We are as a babies breath, tender and close to the essence of purity and joy. And yet, we are so much more…As we have created all that I just mentioned. 

We love you. Take heed to Our warnings. Do not test your God, but take heart, all you struggle through in your walk with Us is not in vain. Yet, all you do on your own, in alignment with the worlds ways, is in vain. My Blood washes away all the confusion, all the cobwebs, it is what protects you; it delivers you out of the hands of the enemy. Wash in My Righteousness. Passover death by applying my Blood to the door posts of your heart. Turning your heart from stone and dry land to a heart for the Father. Alive and full of His love, not a love for the world or yourself. Put My Word in your mind, fill it daily. Not to join a club or infect it, but do it to protect yourself from the doctrines of men; from infiltration of the enemy.

Take warning now….if you hate My Words then you have been compromised. Take this as a warning! If you despise the Torah, then you have been deceived. If you twist the Gospels to fit your opinion, you are afflicted by the enemy. This is not condemnation I share now, this is what you need to know. I tell you now…if you despise all I say and share through my Word and My prophets, then you are in a path to your own destruction. 

Look around! Call on the Name of Adonai. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you the truth and expose the enemy. Do this in My Name!…Yeshua HaMashiach! This will prevent deceiving spirits from filling you with what you want to hear. My Blood is the key that seals shut the gates of hell and opens wide your Fathers house. 

Bless you! Do not labor or delay. I have taken the yoke and the burden. Shalom to you. Life to you. Your Abba awaits you and is here for you. May the Spirit of Adonai be upon you! In My Name, Amen and Amen. 


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