Offense & Tolerance vs. Christs Love…Sexuality In and Of the World

My YouTube video is based off of my contemplation on, and my reflection of, and some time I spent in meditation on this short 3 minute YouTube clip by a Pastor Greg Locke. His clip is labeled “I’m Not Bowing To The Idols Of The Liberal Media”. He is quoted as saying…I stand against radical Islam. I am for traditional marriage, I stand against the homosexual lifestyle…I love homosexuals but I stand against homosexuality”. This was not all he shared, but is the crux of the controversial things he shared. His first line states he is politically incorrect. I appreciated the “gonads” he had in order to not compromise in his beliefs, and to express those thoughts. 

Was his the correct approach? Was his an insensitive approach? Does he have an asinine belief system? I know some were offended. I pondered his video and have come to my thesis. I am befuddled at the ways that people must silence themselves to gain acceptance, the ways people take offense to others beliefs, or the way people are insensitive to others, as well as how people bash others! It’s a big mess! I need to clear some things up. 

This is Pastor Locke’s Clip…check this out first for a basis from which to gain perspective…

(P.S. I am not saying I am for or against this Pastor. I am coming from an objective non biased stance.)
Here in my video (below) I am extremely transparent and share some personal stories of my own. I speak on Homosexuality, as well as Sexual Immorality, Abortion, Rape, The Sin Factor, Forgiveness, Love, and Freedom. It is not that they are all directly related but more so is the question of what does the world say of these things compared to Gods Love? Join me on this journey…get yourselves a warm drink (or cold depending on your climate:), get into a non-distracting comfortable space, perhaps with earbuds and listen in. It’s time for Liberation and Spiritual Awakening…one that leaves no one out…no alienation, no judgement…just truth and love. 

My YouTube video…







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