A Word For Today-December 2015

A longing from my heart…with an answer from His Heart.

Audio version available as well, click link if desired

Oh Lord, You are so sweet, You desire to comfort Your people. It is not within us to comfort ourselves of these atrocities all around us. It is within You to help us come to terms with what we need to know, what should be on our minds, and what we must not focus on.  

I struggle Lord with all You have taught us; to desire a long life and to believe in a good life. But Lord, the days are evil. There’s evil all around. I feel like the grace period has ended and that I can no longer dream of a good life here on earth. What are all our children to believe if I can’t even believe in a future here? We are taught here to have goals and dreams and a future. We are fed the notion of destiny here on earth. This attainment has always been the good and acceptable purpose of Your people here on earth.  I guess I never realized how steeped in the world this idea was.  But Lord, it truly is ingrained in us that attainment and advancement is “where it’s at”.  Even I struggle with thinking otherwise. I feel like saying, “I want my dream back”. Almost as the Christmas story goes of “sugar plums dancing” in my head. Oh the days of old, in my own world, where life was steeped in fairy tales and Christmas stockings and reindeer.  The days of the American dream, of Charlie Brown. Where and when true evil seemed distant, and for other people. Where the fear of death seemed commonplace, but only for those focused on negativity. Lord God I come to You on this December 4th 2015 asking for Your insight, Your comfort, Your direction, Your understanding.  You know where we are all at; Your saints, Your children.  Lord, You said You would never leave us nor forsake us. I don’t want to be a spoiled brat anymore, I don’t want to be deceived anymore, I want Your truth.  Yet Lord, please have mercy on us, go easy on us…i’m concerned the fate may be a bitter pill to swallow.  Perhaps the outcome in Your hands will be more spectacular, more significant and magnificent, more longer lasting and meaningful, than we could have here on earth.  Yet I know I need healing from the letting go of the relationship I have developed with the world.  One that I see is co-dependent and dependent, in a way that is not healthy or desired. As if an addiction, I just plainly got used to it, and worse off, I was fed it without my knowing or warranting.

What is your word Lord, for Your people?  What do You want to share with us that will serve to give us the peace that passeth all understanding? What should we know, that we don’t?  What should we unlearn that we do? We all desire comfort and purpose, yet more so, we need healing and reformation. We have been conformed to this world.  You told us not to, but through thousands of years of being here, we have become more and more conformed.  It wasn’t my choice Lord, it was generations upon generations of choices. You’ve given us Your Blood to cleanse us of all unrighteousness.  You’ve washed away our sin…I do not want to live in shame or guilt. But I recognize I am stained and infused and saturated with this world. I’m so entrenched and steeped I don’t even know how to let go. I crave the very things I touch and see, even the chair I sit on, the bed I lay on, the keyboard I type on, the phone at my side, the clothes on my back, the food in my kitchen, the car in my driveway, the family I visit, the friends I conversate with, the dreams I have, the money in my wallet…I desire to keep it all, put it in my pocket, hold it, hug it, keep it, grow it.  Lord God we want more more more, better better better, longer longer longer, higher higher higher.

Please, I ask You Lord to teach me fresh, teach me new, much as You make all things new. Take us on a retreat, here in this moment, where we leave revitalized and with hope, perhaps not the same hope we came with, but a better hope. Help us to let go of attachments and the past, notions that didn’t truly serve us in the first place. Give us something to share with our kids that still feels good. We want to put something under their pillow, under the tree, in their hands, in their bank accounts, for their future, in their hearts; to the moon and back.  We don’t want to let our babies down, we don’t want to hurt them…we want good things and better things for them.  We want to give them gifts of joy, not subject them to pain and suffering and poverty.

I didn’t ask for this. I never asked for this…for the ill fate here on earth.  I never asked to go through this. Why would I want to deal with evil and hate, and injustice and fear?  Lord God help us…help us to understand.  I am ready for Your Word, in Yeshua’s Name.


“The Lord will speak when He is ready.  This is a place you must trust.  This will be the hardest test that you will ever endure.  I can only assure you it will be worth every thing you go through.  Every person that is here, every person reading this is here for such a time as this.  This is what you must share with your children…they are not to feel pity, or hate, or fear.  There is honor in their being here in these times.  They were chosen to be part of these days.  You will not receive what the world offers, but something the world can never offer.  Do not take out your frustration on your Heavenly Father who has given you all good things.  I am not a father that should not provide for his children.  I know above and beyond what you could imagine, and I still want you to have all good things.  But this world is not the means to the end.  Your generation has been softened to a degree you fear any physical pain, you despise moving onward from this life to reaching My House.  But your anger and distaste should be to the world who is run by lucifer, who has deceived you. I have set a Redemptive Plan in motion to save every single one of you from his grasp.  His grasp is tight…but my might is stronger than his ability.  You must not lean on your own understanding in these days.  If you do, you surely will perish and wither in your faith.  If you focus on the atrocities of the world, your fear will grow.  I am not the one giving you fear, I have told you this, but I mean it.  If you feel fear, cast it out.  This life has no hold over you, even though many of you think it is the ultimate glory.

Let me say this, you are in preparation time. You have entered into a realm and a time where you can not go back.  It is ok if you have moments of mourning, such as when you leave a bad relationship or an addiction to a drug.  And yes, your Heavenly Father knows all about this.  Though, I AM, and though, I AM bigger than what is conceivable; I know all. I have created every detail and nuiance. But I did not create sin. It is. But it is not the intention of your Father. Creation is creative and I can not control you.  I can guide, I can heal, I can even destroy…but the course of mankind plays out according to the free will of man. I sent My Son as the means to deal with sin…a way out of its grasp, a way to Me.  Sin was designed in order to fulfill free will.  Without sin there would be no way to leave Me, to separate from Me, to live a life without Me, to choose to stay away from Me in Eternity. That is what sin is…a choice, a choice lucifer embraced and teaches to man, to you. Sin itself is not an entity…instead it is living outside of what I AM. It is choosing outside of what I have and ask. There is a pull to it, as satan lures you away from Me. I have come to free you from sin.  I gave you My Son so there would be a way to cleanse you from what you were born into. You were born into sin…you were born into a world away from Me. But I AM here, more here than you could ever imagine.  I have given you the keys to My Kingdom, even as you are here on earth, you must only believe. As you take Me in I no longer look at you as sin.  You are no longer away from Me. I AM written on your heart and mind. When I gave you breath you were My beloved…but it became a choice as to whether you would accept that.

I AM speaking of sin so long here, because I noticed the subject has become a stumbling block for so many.  I hear people say, this is a sin, and that is a sin, and you are a sinner, and he/she is a sinner, etc., etc., etc.. Let Me get it straight…you are all sinners, and it is only through the Blood of the Lamb that you are reconciled to Me. That is the Word for all you today who hear this.  It has been true for almost 2000 years.  Yet sinning has gone on since the days of Adam. Sinning is a choice against the Will of God.  Sin is separation from God. Period.  I give you the ability to break free from sin and have an intimate relationship with Me, and spend Eternity with Me. Most of you do not know the gift that this is, and many of you do not accept this gift.  Woe to you.  Before 2000 years ago people suffered through their sin…they lived with it, or fought tooth and nail through works to rid themselves of it. One problem I see is some of you busy yourself with thoughts and questions you need not.  I understand I have given you the ability to reason, and yes I want you to exercise it…but when you go into the realm of playing me, then you’ve gone too far, and are actually delving into sin.  I have so many saints that never were cleansed by the Blood of Yeshua…they didn’t have the luxury as you do…but I assure they are saved for my Kingdom. You can spend hours and days and years debating about it, thinking about it, and writing about it…but it is not of your concern.  I say this, because your mind will not be able to conceive My plan.  I give you the bits and pieces you need to know.  I give you the mind of Christ, yes.  However, I AM your Father.  You are joint heirs with Christ…not with Me.  I AM the one from whom all good things come, from which all was created. I love you immensely and that love will never allow Me to compromise order.

Some of you may wonder why you were given Yeshua and others not. This was part of the Redemptive Plan that was set before the foundations of the earth. The only way for you to receive the keys to the Kingdom was to have a Messiah.  The only way the Holy Spirit could indwell you was by access given through the work of My Son on earth.  I have been raising a Kingdom of Priests, a Royal Priesthood.  I have been recruiting My army that I have needed on the earth to fulfill My plans for the earth. This is another reason why you have been given rule and reign over the earth. You are created and are creative. I am establishing My Kingdom and it needs to be done by those on the earth, by choice, not force.

When my Son comes again, your Savior, He will come to judge the living and the sleeping…yes, those who have slept since the days of Adam. This plan is not all about you individually.  It is you individually, yes, you are very important to me…but you are not alone.

What is important for you to know today is that, yes, it is very important you accept My Son.  The days are evil and you need My Power and Authority to successfully maneuver through life.  You also need Salvation in order to fulfill the mandate placed upon you in the Kingdom of God.  This idea of “I can wait”, and that all that is about Me (the Lord your God) is only in regards to after you pass away, is a fallacy. It does matter now, do not let the enemy continue to deceive you into procrastination or doubt. Salvation is also important because you have a choice to accept me or not. If you do not accept me, I will not accept you. I am a just God, and I can not, and will not take away your choice.

With all this said…once you have accepted me and you are born of water and the Spirit, worshipping Me in Spirit and Truth…you will be equipped with what you need.

I have heard you say that you want to give your children good gifts and a chance at life. I assure you the best gift is Salvation. Equipping them with what they need to get through this life and giving them access to Eternal Life.  Most of you have been in tunnel vision and enraptured in getting them into college, teaching them to buy their homes, having the best investments, and having a 5, 10, and 25 year plan.  I assure you that the best advice and focus is on the inheritance I will provide them with for Eternity. The focus must change. Your focus must change. Those of you that ignore the labor pains of the earth, and the world, will end up birthing death.  But those of you that pay attention and nourish the new life awaiting you, will birth everlasting life.

The greatest gift you can give your child is life…real life, everlasting life. A life that knows no sin, which is never separated from love. Until you learn and teach the hope that is in Me, and My Kingdom, you will be at odds with leaving behind the desires of this world.  This world is all you know.  But this world is a speck in all reality.  It is a speck that matters to Me, yet still a speck in my vastness.

Comfort?  You seek comfort, and comfort I give to you.  The Holy Spirit is given to you in these days for comfort. There is no way you can go through what is to come, in comfort, without the Holy Spirit.  My Spirit is more than sufficient, and even that is an understatement.  The Holy Spirit will lead you unto all truth, in that way you will not continue to be deceived.  The Holy Spirit will guide you in the way that you should go, in that you will not be led by the enemy.  The Holy Spirit will teach you My ways, in that you’ll be prepared for the great day of the Lord.  As well in order to deal with your everyday life, and the pulls of the heart and mind that are influenced by the world.  The Holy Spirit will comfort you in times of trial and tribulation and in the fear mongering of the world.  The Holy Spirit will be your advocate under all circumstances.  The Holy Spirit will give you power that you would never have otherwise.  When I say the Holy Spirit “will” I do not mean as in future tense, however, I say “will” because it is dependent now upon if you accept My Son. My Son (Yeshua, Jesus) who has completed a work that has allowed you access into My Kingdom, and whose work provided you the way to be acceptable for My Spirit to reside in you.

What many of you do not understand, is My Holiness.  How Holy I AM.  I can not reside in dark places.  I AM Light that lights up dark places. My Son cleansed you of your sin so that I could reside in you.  You are able to grieve My Spirit through your choices. My Spirit will not be housed by evil. My Spirit, My Light will not be covered by darkness. My Spirit grows in you.  It can hit you like a ton of bricks, or gently…both bring on no bad feelings at all. But when it hits you, I assure you there was no sin present in Its midst. The Presence of God always tramples sin and evil. Most times the Spirit comes on as you have accepted Christ or asked for forgiveness…in that, you made a clean vessel for Spirit to reside. My Spirit is not weak, but it will not stay in a dirty vessel. This is why daily repentance is necessary. Many of you don’t talk about daily repentance because you are on various schedules of when you think repentance is necessary.  You live in an evil world surrounded by various influences…do you really think you shouldn’t repent everyday?  What is repenting?  Turning from your wicked ways. Do I expect perfection? Of course not, that is why you need the Messiah. Do you wash up when you smell?  Do you brush your teeth when they are plaque ridden? Do you eat when you’re hungry?  Then tell Me…should you cleanse yourself with righteousness?  Should you wash up your spiritual body so that you do not get sick?

Though you were born of My Spirit (My Breath, My Image and Likeness), in order to be part of My Kingdom, you need to be born of water and Spirit …enabling you to live and worship in Spirit and in Truth.  You need to be Born Again, with the washing of the Water of the Word. You need to be cleansed with Baptismal Waters and my Holy Spirit needs to be placed in you. After this, as you continue in love and in My ways and Word, the Holy Spirit within you grows. And as you drink from my Sons Cup, His Living Water, the Rivers of Living Water will bubble up within and grow.  Why do i bring this up now?  Because this is what I have for you in these days…a true Weapon to wage war and be successful against the war that is waged against you. My Word is not dead, it is not just words.  My Word is alive and active, and moving much as water and fire. Hence, the “washing of the Water of the Word”.  Not being washed by dead words.  When you are saturated with this Water and it bubbles and overflows, you are capable of creating waves, and you become powerful; much as a river.  You are also then able to supernaturally quench other people’s thirst and provide for those you love, and those in need.  You are also then able to cause a cleansing, by and through the overflow of what is in you that spills or gushes out of your depths. This Living Water is not yours, it is Mine.  Shared to those who seek Me. When you are to this point in your relationship with Me, is when gifts begin to manifest to help others, and to deepen your relationship to Me. This is when signs and miracles can manifest. This is when Resurrection Life and Power are at your disposal. There is much in My Kingdom to attain, of which the enemy has not wanted you to know about or have access to.  This is why he has put up a compelling counterfeit that you all have been trained and brainwashed into. I am not disregarding your feelings, and I know many of you are hurt thinking to yourself, “how could God put me in this position in which I was even deceived in the first place?”.  Thing is, this thinking is exactly what the enemy wants.  He wants you to have bitterness and anger, and hurt…and he wants it all directed at Me.  The One that simply gave you, and your fathers, and your fathers fathers, free will and freedom of choice.

I want you to know that I will not have you endure more than you can handle.  I know it seems that by all you see, that some our enduring “hell on earth”, as you put it.  I assure you, that you must not focus on what you see.  The enemy is going to feed off of the evil and torture, torment and misery, fear and hate, that he has propagated and promoted. Do not focus on any of this.  You must believe that I AM your refuge and fortress, your God in whom you can trust. I will make a way where there is no way.  What you must also understand is that you have been born into a time that everything is “feel good”, everything is supposed to feel good.  Pain has become so intolerant that you barely feel a nudge before you need to drug yourself. Convenience needs a new word because even convenience has become inconvenient to you.  You’ve become dependent upon a system that doesn’t even have your best interest in mind…and sadly even My saying that makes you think that your own God is negative and limiting. Luxury is seen as a necessity and being pampered is number one priority.  Your children complain of being hungry even when there is still food in their gut. And the notion of boredom is a signal that life has become complacent, and passive, and apathetic. This is the culture you have been born into, created by the enemy for these times.  He does not want an Army of God to exist.  He wants weak and incapable people. I assure you, there is much to do in the spiritual realm that most of you are not even aware of.  You want to be a warrior?  You feel useless?  Don’t allow the enemy to have his hold on you any longer. Choose life, not death.

I will be with you through all that is and is to come.  I will guide you every step of the way. I WILL not leave you nor forsake you.  I will deliver you out of the hands of the enemy.  I will save you.  I will hold you in my hand and pull you out of any pit, and snare, and trap of the enemy.  I will nourish you and give you drink, and rest. I will give you life and that life more abundantly.  I will raise you up and put you in My Inner Courts.  I will look upon you with favor.  I will protect you from the enemy, death has no power over you. I will cast out hate.  I will equip you with what you need when you need it.  Do not fear, for I do not give you a spirit of fear, but of power, of love, and of courage.  Do not lean unto your own understanding but onto every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. It is in Me that you will find Faith, and that Faith will move every obstacle and weapon out of your way.  Rest easy My children…I AM here.

Be vigilant. Do not be complacent. Do not procrastinate. Read my Word. Pray to me. Talk with me. Repent. But rest in my arms…my strong right arm…I have got you under My Wings…as long as you put yourself there. Do not worry…if there are times you are too weak or you are in need…I will pull you up, and grab you.

Everything is not always as it seems. Take heart in the plans I have for you. Your life is not over. The Joy of The Lord is your strength.  Yes Joy, even in these times.

I Bless you. I love you. You are My beloved. Call on Me and I will hear you….I will listen, I will answer, I will respond.

Remember Me and I will remember you.”


Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may discern what is the will of God what is good and acceptable and perfect.

Romans 12:2


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