Reflections on Hate Comments


These four comments are only a vision of what existed in the 300+ comments that were attached to this facebook post by Conservative Tribune. The link I am sharing is the article Conservative Tribune posted… Unfortunately you can’t see the Facebook comments with the article that I have shared at the end of this post, which is why I copied and pasted 4 comments, as evidence and as a sample, for you to see. Several comments out of the 300+ were simply about whether this Muslim woman spoken of should wear her scarf or not, during a court visit as the law stated there is to be nothing on the head, this sort of debate is fine and somewhat reasonable. However, so many comments were just hate, sharing how she’s ugly, outright hate in her existence as a human being and outright hate in her being here geographically (Canada/USA), as well as in terms of racism and religion, and especially in terms of her receiving welfare.
[The welfare argument is nothing new… where people feel that they work their “9 to 5” job to pay for other people, when in all reality our tax money is being consumed primarily by the government for various things including war, research, etc etc. Additionally…Just a quick blurb about welfare… I did a study and found out that about $53 a year is what actually goes towards welfare from a persons yearly taxes, and that would be someone who makes at least about $50,000 a year. I digress.]
My post is not about the welfare argument. It is about the outright hate of a human being. Blaming her (a Muslim woman) for the barbaric actions of some Islamists and similar atrocities occurring at this time in this life. People need to become educated. Not all Muslims will kill you or want you dead. The enemy would like you to think that though. 

The Comments…
“She and her family should be deported immediately so that they cannot cause any more expense on their behalf in Canada. They went to Canada to receive welfare and now that they are, these MUSLIM PIGS want to dictate what they can and can’t do regardless of the laws.”
“Go bk to your own country and ask for welfare there. This isn’t your country. Why don’t you go and disrespect your ugly muslim country ugly muslim woman”
“Send this f*#k*ng muslim c**t packing back where she came from. She’s raising her sons to kill yours!”
“I’m all for banning Shariah law in the Western World, but as much of a poor excuse of a person this woman appears to be, let her wear her headscarf. True, she’s little more than a homosapien parasite, but the judge should have extended her that courtesy.”


My thoughts…

Lord God forgive our hateful ways. We are not called to condemn others, but to love them. Why love them? Because You Lord, created every living soul. You created us in your image and likeness. This travesty that I beseech you on, has nothing to do with religion, but everything to do with the enemy using a people group for his gain. In regards to the hate exhibited in these comments, it doesn’t much matter whether I agree with Muslims or not, as there are religious, atheist, and secular humanists casting hate on individuals that were born into this world the same way we all were. I am disgusted at the words of hate and animosity shared by so many in these comments. Forgive us Father for we know not what we do. Comments that cover every feasible angle of detest toward this woman, this people group, this religion, the geography of such, and her situation. 

I say, those without sin cast the first stone! I was not there to know her motives, her intentions, her character, her situation. But I know I see a beautiful woman that was raised a certain way…and she lives it out. Perhaps taking off her head piece would leave her feeling naked and vulnerable. It would have her to compromise the very dignity that has been formed by her upbringing. Whether or not she should have to take it off due to law could be left up to debate. However, all the hate shared really was not based on the initial concern of no scarf or scarf. It is obvious that there was next to no compassion for that aspect of scarf or no scarf, the issue instead runs deeper. 
Oh God, who are we as a people that we could have such hate toward a race or religion?
This love that I speak of, which we should be exhibiting, of which originates from the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; The great I Am. This love is not about compromising the truth of His Word. It is not about accepting what others do, especially if it is not of God. As Yeshua said… I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. What this love is, is likened to holding out your hand for, or toward, someone, to the very end of your life. Giving the opportunity to be a blessing to someone, to be a vessel of hope and truth from which they could drink from and be nourished, allowing someone to be held up when what life has handed them fails them. Just as the Father is holding out His hand every day until the end of our life…until judgement by His Son Yeshua (Jesus) is upon us. He will never give up on us. He loves us unconditionally even as we use Him and ignore Him. He awaits on us hoping we will acknowledge Him. Hoping, not because He is lost without us, but because He doesn’t want us to be lost without Him. 
Lord God, I pray for this woman and her family. Protect her from the enemy that has sought and seeks to destroy her. I come against every attack set up against her! Allow her to not feel the strong depths of the oppression and racism that she has against her. Let her sense her beauty and it not be marred by the hatred of evil men. Holy Spirit I pray you would guide her unto all truth. 
And Lord God I pray for the hearts and minds of all the people that committed such hate. Awaken these people from the darkness. Show them your love in such a way that they learn truly how to love. 
Martin Luther King Jr said that “darkness can not drive out darkness…only light can do that”.  
Yet let us also not be deceived in this hour, in these times…as light can be mocked. Lucifer (Satan, the enemy) is an angel of light. 
Ultimately we need the One True Light…to end this darkness.  
Let us end this darkness once and for all. 
Love without compromise.  

Love with compassion. 

Love is not love. Yeshua (Jesus) is love. 

Don’t water Him down with your agenda. Jesus never once compromised what the Father required and requested. 

“And He said to him, “‘You shall love The Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’”

Matthew 22:37-39 TLV

Loving the Lord is respecting Him, honoring Him, obeying His commands, spending time with Him…praying, talking, reading His Word, partaking of His cup. 

Loving others is sharing our experiences and sharing the light and love that is imparted within us. Not hating. 
I sense in this day and age many men and woman will falter to evil because of fear. Fear is not of God. God does not give us a spirit of fear. But of power and LOVE and of a sound mind…of courage. 

Perfect Love casts out fear. God is perfect love. Point is…we are being led to a place of insecurity and unsurity when we are not deeply planted in the Word of God. When we are not set up on His everlasting foundation, we are found standing on shaky ground…almost as quick sand. The enemy has strategically put the general population of people in this zone of despair. We either think we must abolish everyone who is unlike us or we must love and accept everyone who is unlike us. Yet we are called to love people in truth and in spirit. Having true compassion as if they are a brother, sister, daughter, son, mother or father. And speaking truth as you would not want any of them to be deceived. 
John 4:1-26 (Woman at the well with Jesus.)
We are to give drink to those thirsty, to those in need, to the sick and dying, to those who have been manipulated and controlled, to those who are wrong, to those oppressed. Jesus is the Living Water and he offers his drink to all who will partake. Let us be like Him. He does not change the constitution of His water to submit to someone else’s beliefs…He simply remains unchanging and offers Himself to save His people from eternal damnation. 
*I will put one disclaimer. I am not condoning the awful things happening in the Middle East (especially towards Christians) or that which has happened originating from the Middle East. I also am far from a pacifist. I believe in defending, and in being cautious, and in wisdom. Healthy boundaries are a staple in terms of dealing with people.*

God Bless. 

And Love…love out loud! In Jesus Name! Amen. 


The Article….



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