Noontime Prayer for September 24th Fast

Lord Jesus I give You this day. It is Yours anyhow, but I give You mine. My expectation, my frustrations, my goals, my dreams, my concerns, my achievements, my sadness, my anger, my life, my family, my love, my hope, my faith, my judgements, my egotistical ways, my pride, my pain, my desires, my lusts, my needs, my wants, my gain, my distaste, my fears, my shame, my guilt, my apathy, my selfishness, my torment, my hate, my disease. Lord…I give You all of me, because You make it all good. You make it all for Your purpose and i trust You with all that is within me. I trust You because You have never failed me. I rebuke the enemy for causing Your children to separate from You. I rebuke satan for getting in the minds of Your babes, babes that blame You for all that is wrong. When You Lord, are actually all that is right. I pray, I pray Holy Spirit, that You would speak to the wounded, the pained, those that are lied to. Lord Jesus forgive us for we know not what we do! We hate what is love and glorify that which is hate. Today I come against the spirit of deceit and manipulation in Jesus Name! I loose the Spirit of the Loving Living God upon all those that read this. That His Wisdom be imparted in you. That revelation come upon you as to the ways the enemy is lying to us. I pray that Gods tangible Love and Faithfulness be made manifest in this Fast.
I thank You God for your Sovereignty. We praise You, we honor You, we magnify You, we give You power! This days is ours! Collectively with You Father! I believe it and receive Your peace now. Any thought outside of…
I hold captive right now. I take that thought, I contain it, and I give it to you. Because that thought which is outside of love, that thought that is outside of your Word IS not of you!
Lord God Almighty Father I declare this day a Fast unto You.
On this day we hand over every concern, every dilemma, every circumstance, every situation that is outside of the Kingdom of God. All that seeks to kill, consume and destroy our mind/body has no authority over us. We are the Righteousness of God in Christ. Your Right Hand is in our midst. You go before us, saturate us, and are our Rearguard.
I give you the nations, I give you governments, I give you it all…take it Lord. You will NOT leave or forsake us.
Now pray! Pray! Pray in the Spirit. Let His Spirit work! It is not by works but by the very Grace of God!
Ministering Spirits are being dispatched to address, to apprehend, to intervene, to intercess, to resolve.
Amen and Amen.


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