Remember Me, and I Will Remember You

There’s a time coming, a door opening, a place issued by God before the Foundations of the Earth. A way provided by the Messiah who came as the Suffering Servant. Having come in the flesh to become that spotless lamb, to redeem us in order to fulfill His purpose upon this land. His Kingdom surely come, His will Be done…on earth as it is in Heaven. As He introduced Himself to us in His Mighty Name 2000 years ago, so He paved the way for our assignment. He left us with the keys and has us awaiting His return. But why? Why wait?
He has given us Power from on High, Authority by His Name and through His Blood. But why? Why wait?
He has given us the Holy Spirit as He left us (when He physically left earth). The Counselor, Advocate, Teacher. He could not stay. But why? Why wait?
Thus saith The Lord…
Verily verily I say unto you,
Be devoted to Me as if I sat right in amongst you. You are not far from Me…we are one. I came that you would be filled and equipped for a fine and mighty work. You are Kingdom people and are set apart to do our Fathers work upon the land you walk. I sit beside the Father as your Intercessor and High Priest. I make the way where there is no way. I am the Truth, I am the Life. No one comes to the Father but by Me. Through Faith, by Grace, you are Children of the most High. A Royal Priesthood and Remnant. Those of you with ears to hear and eyes to see, I call you now as the time draws near. Prepare the way before Me. You have the Holy Spirit to guide you into all Truth, to wage war upon the hindrances to a Glorious Bride.
The work could not be done all at once, Our Ways are above your ways. All that has been shown, all that has come to pass, had to cure, be tempered, and ferment into a wine worthy of drinking. A wine that has awaited new wineskins. Be constant in renewing your minds, My children. Be willing to drink of the sweet Word that opens as you allow Its Fruit to grow in you.
I will show you as you step forward into your position. Pray unceasingly in the Spirit as Ministering Angels are awaiting your utterances.
When I first came it was for Redemption of heart. When I come again it will be for fulfillment of the Atonement. I have Tabernacled within you. But now, as a powerful, full manifestation of the calling of My people, I will sway the hearts of men. My Kingdom will be thrust upon this earth. My people, the Israelites, will see the Light and will say, “Blessed is He who comes in the Name of The Lord”.
You, My people, who are Born Again, who have sought my Spirit, are to join hands with your brothers and sisters of the Olive Tree. You are to become one as I have become one with you. Together a strong complete tree, breaking the chains that has attached you and your world to the fall in the Garden. As My Blood began shedding in the Garden of Gethsemane, so will it remain unto the moment I walk on the Mount of Olives.
It is for such a time as this, that the hidden Hand of God will be hidden no more. I will Tabernacle with My people. Not only in their hearts but unto all men. For the time has come that the ends of the earth will rejoice, every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Satans lease is closing upon his own affairs. The prince of the power of air, dominions, and kingdoms…the culmination of principalities and powers…will experience the everlasting Fire of God.
But why? Why wait?
There has been a full exasperation of his workings. An exhaustion of the relationship between man and himself. Though it seems long in years to you, it has been expeditious in Eternity. He has sought to destroy My people, Yet I have upheld My Promise. My people have been in My Heart all whilst My Word has gone to every corner of the earth. Now it is time for you to love My people, share with My people, give to My people as if they are your own. You are part of them…having received all of Me because of them.
Your gifts are not your own. You are not your own. These gifts were bestowed for the purpose of advancing My Kingdom. You were Sanctified and Saved through, by, and for the Promises given to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. My Covenants are not dead, in as much as I am alive. You, a church created as a Body of Christ, not to become of your own, not to pull away from the Law that was impressed upon the hearts of My people. You are one of them, they are not one of you. Repent. For the time draws near. Where complete victory for you awaits. There will no longer be separation between you and I. For not only were you Redeemed, but now will you be fully Restored. Shekinah Glory, not in pieces due to your human will and limitations, but in full. Never again will you have to wage war against an enemy. For he will be utterly destroyed. You will live amongst the Fire of Retribution. I came to the Cross, cursed on a tree, that you would have life and this life more abundantly. Now you will!
Remember Me as I remember you. Keep the Sabbath on the 7th day as Isaiah forewarns. Keep my Feasts as these days of old draw near. My Ordinances have never fallen away. The deceiver of the brethren did away with My Moadim(s) after I came on earth to provide Salvation. My Salvation came to you as it did in order to prepare a great Army of God to counterattack his plans to destroy the seed of the man. To prepare the world for My magnificent Presence. The Justice of Adonai.
How does one prepare a heart for ultimate communion without courting? How do you consummate without betrothal? Legally, and in greater plan and purpose, the captivity and ultimate end of the adversary could not all be done at once. My peoples eyes were closed to save the world. He still seeks to steal, kill, and destroy My People, despite the seed of a woman having already come through me. For he comes now for the seed of man…yet he will not secure the land of Israel, though he tries and wars wage on. The times draws nigh for the adversary to cause extreme desecration by his works…a futile attempt, yet strategically he has plotted and planned. But greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. Apollyon will have his name come upon himself.
Peace Be Still…Suddenly my Word reveals his lies.
Woe unto you that do not recognize the pulling, extracting and tearing of my Word by his servants, his agents on assignment.
Where are your First Fruits my Holy People? Join together as one with My children in Jerusalem. Begin to practice Our Wedding Banquet. There is much to be shown to you in Yom Teruah; the Feast of Trumpets, in Yom Kippur; the Atonement, and in Sukkoth; Feast of Tabernacles. These latter Feasts are not yet fulfilled. The Lord speaks to you in Mysteries. See the Hand of God preparing for the last days in My Feasts. Separated no more by the veil of the temple, or the veil of your hearts, or the scales of your eyes. I am calling you. Love and Obey.
Remember me says The Lord, and I will Remember you.

written April 3rd 2014


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