August 18th word of The Lord

Thus saith The Lord of hosts…My people will not falter. For it is not they that come to victory of their own will or way. They will shine bright, not of their own glorified light or that of fallen angels. But of a Light so bright no light could ever contain it. There will be Prisms that illuminate, but not of those enlightened of their own accord. This Power will transmute, not be destroyed.
There is a time and a place that people will destroy themselves. It is not something new. Yet now people will destroy themselves because of their forsaking the Truth. Since the beginning of time people have died ignoring the Truth. Yet now a grander scale will in fact take place. There will be a choice…to worship Me or the beast. Unless you have My Word planted in your heart and mind, you will be lured into the masses who will retreat to the beast. All the peoples who gave their life to policy, procedure, income, plantation, manipulation, speculation, mysticism, to nothing, will bite a bitter fruit. So bitter that the taste will never leave their mouths. I weep for them. I Love, and I Love those that walk away in their own minds and plans. But Love does not sacrifice Truth. The ways, My ways, are not bent on, by, or for others. How could they, for I do not toss and turn to and fro. I do not wither and shake. I do not stumble and fall. I set the events in motion according to a divine plan to Redeem My people. I am unchanging. I am the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. You could not fathom eternity, nor an eternity with Me. I am not finite or movable. My Love leans on you, but it does not depend on you. (Leans on, in the sense that you would tangibly feel Me, that I press My Love into you, that I put My Arm around you as a friend, that I Comfort you, that I ask you to reciprocate, and give the Love I give to you back into the Kingdom.) What depends, is what you do with the Love I have and freely give to you. Those that know and accept My love, will walk with Me…here, and now, and forward.
There is truth in some thoughts of people…but they know in part and prophecy in part. There is an agenda by many. Most do not even know this agenda fuels and drives their actions and thoughts. Until they submit themselves to Me and subject their thoughts to Me, they will live under condemnation. It is not My plans to hurt any individual that I breathed life into. But only through my Son do you have freedom from the tierany. There is no condemnation to those in Christ.
I hear the echoes of people who think that my Son, as you call him Yeshua Hamashia, is a barbaric attempt to lure people into a cult or lifestyle or religion. These are lies brought on by the one who seeks to kill and destroy. I brought Him, the piece of Me, as a gift to be the antidote to the dilemma of your human condition. He is your Salvation. You calculate Him as simplistic or unbelievable, and that is exactly why you need Him. Woe unto you that ignore the state of affairs you are in. Woe unto you that pass off the most pinnacle moment of our relationship as pointless or fake.
The deception will run great in these times. It is happening now, as I speak to you, here and now. You will be attacked and infected by false doctrines/idea/philosophies, more than any other time in history.
I do not ask you to go blindly into this relationship with Me. Firstly, it is your choice, I will never force you. Ever. Being eternal, that is a far cry from an exaggeration. Secondly, the blindness comes with rejection of My Word. Scales come from manipulation of My Word. Those that focus on the disruption of My Word through translation, are not allowing My Word to speak to them. For my Word is living and active. It is not mutable or stifled by human constraints. The Bible with its Books based in the Old Testament, as you call it. The Gospels of My Disciples and the Letters of Paul fulfill the whole of the Law. They are not outside of My Word. My Word is still fresh to this day. And it is with this Word that you remain connected to Me and protected from the enemy and the counterfeits. It is not that I don’t currently speak through the hearts of my children, because I do. It is not that there is not modern day Prophets of God because there are. It is that the plan and purpose of God was already established before the foundations of the earth. Set in motion, documented and prophetic. I placed and purposed My Word, as I did my Son. To share with you, Me. To equip you. Not to harm you or confuse you. Test Me and I will show you. Ask Me and I will tell you. Need Me and I will fill you. Follow Me and I will save you. Adore Me and I will exalt you.
The bigger issue is, if you see yourself passing Me off as nonsense, then you need to question and take heed. That force of darkness is driving you away from the True Light.
Why does the enemy keep you, or want to keep you, in the dark? Because his light only appears as Light to those that do not see the Light. It only only appears bright to those that are blind.
In this same manner, does he rule this world. His sounds and songs race through the airwaves, he infiltrates most voices that sing outside of worship to Me. People think they know music to their ears. But it is only so wonderful sounding because they know not what true ecstasy and music is. I am sound, I am a song, I am music, I Am that I Am. He will take the credit by allowing you to think you can have Me without Me. But if you don’t have Me in “it”, whatever that “it” is…then it’s a counterfeit. It’s a lie from the father of lies, yes lucifer (morning star, son of the dawn). His angels and agents on assignment are working overtime now to have their harvest. Be ye careful…more than careful!
My Son already has had victory over the enemy, and through Him you too have victory. I know most of you do not know this Victory because you are not using Me the way you should. You are too busy in the world. Though my Son has already had the victory, Satan continues to rule this world until the end of time. But time, remember, has an end. His days are numbered, so as are yours. (Without me you are not given eternal life. Also, your body will have an end regardless.)
Who will you choose, him or Me?
I tell you now, that this life will pass away. You must stop being caught up in it.
I am a Holy God. I gave you My Son for the pain, the tears….for all the needs you have in your human condition, that you may have Resurrection life and power while on earth. But in the end, there will be a beginning you can not even dream up.
I am a just God (justice). Therefore I had to give you a choice. Yet the very choice you all want is held against Me because you do not want to choose against Me. (The irony)

Written August 18th 2014….parenthesis added after for clarification).


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