My first Blog… My first Words…

My first word.

The first word is so critical.  The first time is impacting.  The first moments are foundational.  The first movement is pinnacle.  The first step is detrimental.  The first expression is so pivotal.  The first try is monumental.  The first action is necessary.  The first choice is prerequisite.  The first decision is unprecedented.  The first success, progression, achievement, accomplishment, and format, is all based on every other first already mentioned here.  You can not reach any of these latter mentioned “firsts” that were grouped up, without first having done all of the “firsts” that were prior to.  In that effect, there is always something prior to a first.  Which seems contrary to what first actually means in its definition.  However, it is not contrary or incorrect.

In order for me to write my first word here…on Body Reclaimed….I first had to experience my whole life.  There is always something that comes before.  Therefore, what really matters, is how you derive your firsts. In order to be based in truth, effective, transformational, and compelling we must accept, internalize, and receive our inspiration from the High Calling. The reason this matters most, is there is nothing that comes before the High Calling.  This is how you know and are able to gauge if you are walking the right path.  The knowing that every other first you make, that comes after this baptism of accepting, internalizing and resourcing from the High Calling, can never be preceded by a “first” before the High Calling. This is because there is nothing that comes before the High Calling. Essentially, the buck stops there.  After all, He is the Author and Finisher of our Faith.  He is the Alpha and Omega…the beginning and the end.  Why?  Because He is Eternal.  Not one thing comes before or after.

You may think this is a play on words, but words are in fact one of the first and most potent forms of direction, expression, power, and intention, that ever touched the face of the planet.  Without a Word we are potent-less.  In other words, we have lost all potential.  This is why communication, to this day, is responsible for bridging or breaking relationships, businesses, countries, homes, people, and spirits.  Out of the mouth is life and or death. (prov 4:23, Matthew 12:34, Proverbs 18:21).  It is no joke if I were to say, “I speak life into you”.  It is not a pun on what God did when He breathed life into us.  As a matter of fact, speaking words of life into someone is a way in which we can model God and Glorify the authority and power he gave us as Children of God.

The second word. 

The second word is not always predestined by the first word.  Now this understanding is a key component to ensuring, maintaining, and having growth in your success.  EVERY word that comes out of the mouth.  (Matthew 4:4, Deuteronomy 8:3) Here’s the thing, it took thought to produce the first word.  Actually in my case, I will speak specifically.  I not only had all my years of experience backing my first word, but I also had inspiration backing my first word.  I mustered up all the strength, wisdom, the due diligence, passion, the calling, the purpose, the intention, the training, time, and the character within me, in order to produce inspiration.  That inspiration then fueled the content of my word.  However, all of these attributes of inspiration were not first.  First was from WHERE I drew the strength, wisdom, due diligence, passion, calling, purpose, intention, the training, time, and the character within me.  That, was all drawn from the High Calling. So in essence, inspiration formed my first word, but what mattered and what actually came first was with what or whom was I actually inspired by and from.  Here’s the clincher, the way in which the first word is formed is not always the case with the second word.  The second word is often built from momentum.  It came after the first word, therefore often is a continuation of the first word.  But not always. There are outside forces involved in the equation.

Let me elaborate.  Though we go about our day thinking that we live in a state of cohesion.  Where one moment is building upon the next, where one activity transfers to another, where one emotion grows from another, etc.  We actually are constantly being influenced by outside forces.  So much so that, we do not even at times realize how fragmented our day actually is.  Sure we adapt, sure we tackle the tasks at hand, and sure we try to do it all so gracefully. But adapting, and tackling, and trying, is all based on patching the wound and covering the damage.  Do not get me wrong, these skills are necessary in order to partake in society and function in our schedule.  However, it will not create and produce powerful second and third words.  It will only allow second and third words to form and be made.  There is a big difference. In addition, on the negative end of the spectrum, is when outside forces produce such profound and overwhelming effects on us that we are left dysfunctional.  We are either silenced, or enraged. Emotionally imbalanced or confused.  Unfocused or temporarily paralyzed.  Desperate or in withdrawl.  All these effects do the same as the positive they allow us to deal with our day (let me reiterate, i said deal…not necessarily function) but will not create and produce powerful second and thirds words. It will only allow second and third words to be formed and be made. And in some cases words can not even be made…our heart has walls built up as a defense mechanism.  This is just as detrimental to our “equation”.

This idea of the lack of cohesion can be shown even in my writings.  I am able to make the points here, in regard to one aspect of our lives.  I am able to use examples and analogies in order to solidify the point I am trying to make in order to expound upon and enhance our life.  However, in a later writing i may bring up points based on how our life is a continuum and cohesion does happen.  This later writing does not nullify my writing now.  It is fragmented, as our lives are.  It of course all is contained within our space and time.  But each piece can either work for the next portion or it can hinder.  Without understanding the parts and the whole we are left at the whim of the fragments or the perpetual motion…at the whim of a loss of control.  This loss of control comes when we are not directed from and by the High Calling.

With that said, it is imperative to return to the High Calling throughout our day, throughout our varying emotions, and throughout our varying experiences.  In doing so, we are recognizing that our inspiration is only as good as what surrounds us; what we adhere to and abide by.  Often times we are not even aware of what surrounds us….literally, metaphorically, and spiritually. It is not only key that we put first things first, but that the first thing were putting first cannot be preceded.  Therefore we build on an everlasting foundation.  Building on from there…our choices do not stop there. Yes the ball rolls, yes snowball effects in one direction or the other. Though we can embrace and live in gratitude knowing that their is a residual and compound effect on our first word, we must never take that for granted.  Though we may be in Gods protection, we must never assume we have had enough of His protection.  The pertinent and dire need comes from the neverending bombardment of all we face on this earth. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against powers, the rulers, the authorities, against the powers of this dark world, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Ephesians 6:12

It is as such.  Let us suppose there were a barrel full of apples, and you were told to pick as many apples as you could, preferably a goal of thirty. Futhermore, you were told to form a line with these apples, the line not needing to be perfect, but that every apple needs to be perfect. Lastly, you are made aware that you are competing against another person, the clock starts now.  What would you do?  Would you take the first apple, carefully inspect the outside and place that apple down on the table?  Yes.  Would you then assume that because that first apple was perfect that every other apple is going to be perfect as well, and so you would just start randomly and haphazardly grabbing apples and automatically putting them down on the table?  Probably not.  You would most likely pick up the second apple and examine it just as carefully, then put the second apple down next to the first.  Now, these next two scenarios I will present is where we can get into trouble; where the discrepancy, as well as the thoughts and inspiration come into play.  If after picking 14 or 15 apples in a row you notice every apple thus far is unflawed and perfect, you may start picking them a little quicker and place them down with a confidence that the barrel has some “ripe pickings”.  As you continue to notice how perfect they all are….now being on apple 23 or 24….with time continuing quickly, you may just give them a quick glance over and place them in their respective places.  On the flip side, If you have noticed that by number 14 or 15 that most of the apples you’ve picked are not perfect, you may start frantically looking through the apples, perhaps throwing the bad ones on the ground as you quickly look to find a good one.  If this continues, by 23 or 24, you are convinced this barrel is loaded with bad apples and now your digging more frantically and are content just to put the best you can find down in a line.

The result.  The object of the game was to have the apples be perfect.  Doesn’t matter much else.  You were told to lay out 30.  But the need was they have to be perfect.  The judge looks through the first scenario.  Apple 1 is perfect, actually it is red and glowing and looks lusciously edible.  Apples 1-16 are perfect in fact.  But uh-oh…number 17 has a worm hole.  Number 18 perfect.  Number 19 has a dent.  Number 20 perfect.  Number 21 has a bruise.  All the rest are perfect.  Judges response?  You are disqualified because you have 3 that are not perfect.  Senario number 2. The first apple is perfect, took you 20 seconds to find that one. Second apple is perfect, took you 15 seconds to find that one.  Apple number 3 through 30 are not perfect.  Judges response?  You are disqualified because you have 28 bad apples.

You think that is a discouraging game?  Well this is life.  And at every moment we are handed bad apples.  But the question is, are we going to use them to form our words?  To form a line, the path that we will take.  What will we present to the world, to the judge?  Had we discarded the bad and never placed them down we would have won the contest.  They suggested 30 apples, but the necessity was that they be perfect.

The point of all this, is to say, that apple number 1 did not effect apple number 2.  The cumulative effect plays no role here.  The contest is to exemplify the task we have at hand.  That task is to focus on what we put down on the table at all times.  Because that is where the effects happen.

Every moment counts.  We don’t have 1 minute, we have a lifetime.  We have the ability to choose our apples.  To pick the bad apple off the table and get rid of it.  We have the ability to choose perfection, which is the High Calling.  We ourselves are not perfect but there is a perfection that exists and we need not settle for, or hold onto, bad apples just to accumulate them.  The victory is not in how much, but in the quality of.  Then, the cumulative effects will take place in a positive direction. Our inspiration helps us during moments of momentum.  But our inspiration is more than a feeling.  It is the very place, the well in which we pick the apples from.  That is the difference maker.  Never just going through our day and reaching out for anything and everything that feels good, looks good, seems promising or shiny or new.  It is about knowing where to pick from.  It is taking moments out of our day to tap into that flow, that Spirit, that Divine energy that will make the difference in our lives, in our choice of words.  In this, we will be provided the right words to be formed.  The right attitudes, perspective, thoughts, and ideas will come to the surface.  Otherwise we are at the mercy of thousands upon thousands of variables…most of which are scathed, bruised, and damaged by use and worldy influence.

So first things first.  You must draw from the High Calling in order to be powerful, effective, masterful, purposeful and successful.  Choose your words carefully.  Make each word count.  Be careful what comes out of your mouth.  Because each one is individually accountable.

Yes, take that first step….start somewhere.  Though we serve a God that is Eternal, and though our Spirits are Eternal, we are living in time.  There is a beginning and an end to this existence.  Therefore….start, begin….we need a first.  But don’t ever think that first ends there.  We, like our God, and more so because of our God, are limitless and boundless.  He gave us life that we would live life abundantly.  Don’t restrict yourself.  Do the first, the second, the third, and so on.  But never rely on the past to form the future.  For you are a new creature and old things have passed away.  Yes all things work together for good to those that believe.  But we must be accountable.  There is blessing and cursing, so choose life.

Despite all this….Your first word is so important.  Why?  Because it starts the direction your going.  Choose life, and then again, and again, and again.  Don’t ever form words out of default.  God is not a God of default.  He gave us a free will for a reason.  To either choose Him or not. Your second and third word (and so on) are meaningless and powerless if they are not prefaced with the first word being formed by His Will.

Now go to Him who sent His Son Jesus and ask Him to come into your heart.  To inspire you and help form your words so you and your words may be salt and light to the world.  That your words may heal, and give hope, that they may declare and decree a good thing, that they may confess the Words of the Lord and the Faith, that they may cast out demons and provide deliverance and redemption, that you have victory over the curse, that you may take hold of the promises of God and live life fully and peacefully.  That you may live in alignment with his purpose for your life and receive the blessing and favor of God.  You are the Righteousness of God in Christ.  Never forget that.

Start today.  First go to Him.  Second Pray.  Third…say this….out loud (quietly)
say God loves me 7 times
say Jesus loves me 7 times
say the Holy Spirit loves me 7 times
now soak this in.
Now form your first words for you life.
Speak life and blessing over yourself and your loved ones.
First.  And the first (second) after.  And the first (third) after that.
God Bless you.

“but this one thing i do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 3:13-14


One response to “My first Blog… My first Words…

  1. So true, The tongue has the power of Life and Death. Love the writings you have on your blog. I have a nice beginning on Goggle + under scott alan. Thanks for telling me about your blog and I pray God Blesses you and Your Daughter. See you next time.

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